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                About us

                 Dalian DV Valve Co.,Ltd.(DDVC),founded in 1956,occupies an area of 140,000m2, 700 staffs with an asset of 500,000,000 is reformed on the basis of Dalian High Pressure Valve Factory in July 2002.
                    The company with a permission of valve design and manufacturing of Nuclear-Grade Ⅰ,Nuclear-Grade Ⅱand Nuclear-Grade Ⅲ is a manufacturing enterprise with specific permission of state weapons equipment for scientific research , the first to have passed through ASME “NT” and “NPT” stamp qualification among valve industries of nationwide,a relying company of key valve localization of state key equipment,a high and new technology enterprises in nation.The company has an annual output of 800,000 sets of various types of forged steel valves,cast steel valves of 100,000 sets,nuclear-Grade and conventional forging of production capacity of 30,000 tons,Its annual to RMB 600,000,000.Our company is a certain valve supplier to Sinopec,CNPC,CNOOC,Nation Power,Military Industry and Nuclear power system.
                    Our company’s main products include:Gate Valve,Globe Valve,Check Valve, Throttle Valve,Ball Valve,Plug Valves,Butterfly Valves,Steam Traps,Instrument Valve, Regulating Valve,Bellows Valve,Flat Gate Valve,Vacuum Valve,Low/Ultra Temperature Valve,Anti-sulfur Valve,Y-valve,Nuclear Grade Valves, Millitary Valves, Special Valves and pipe Flange,Valve Operating Mechanism,etc.A total of 20 categories,more than 500 models,more than 4000 specifications.
                The product is applicable to water,steam,oil,natural gases,hydrogen and other corrosive media,and radioactive and other special media.Products are widely used among Petroleum,Chemical Industry,Shipbuilding,Electric Power,Metallurgy, Machinery,Textile,Millitary and Nuclear Power systems and other industrial devices.
                    With the management philosophy of “Market,innovation”,sticking to the quality guideline of “Quality First,Customer First Service Foremost”,regarding product quality as life of the enterprise,we will try our best to provide products and services of high quality with rapid,efficient reflection mechanism.

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